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Relieve Stress

Everyone is consumed by an overwhelming stress in their day to day lives. Whether it’s due to school loans, work, family or your love life, there are many ways to reduce stress and thus give you a better and longer overall life.

A great way to reduce stress is by meditation. Most people overlook this because they feel like sitting and clearing your mind is a pointless act. These people fail to realize that if you remove yourself from a situation; it is easier to come back to that situation with a leveled head and a clearer understanding of how to fix the problem. It is very easy to meditate while doing almost any activity. Don’t buy into the fact that you have to sit alone in your room and do nothing, meditation can be done when you are out walking, waiting for an appointment, or even in the middle of a stressful business meeting. I have personally been taught by many public speakers to close your eyes and take three deep breaths before a speech. This process helps relieve stress or anxiety and physically helps you stand taller.

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Staying Healthy This Summer

There are a lot of ways to stay healthy this summer and we know you want to rock that summer body with confidence.

A good way to start off your health journey is by eating right. Picking up food, especially junk food from restaurants is tempting and easy. Grocery store shopping is daunting task but it can create a positive impact on your life. But what most people don’t realize is that it really isn’t as big as it seems. When grocery shopping you should stick to the perimeter of the store because that is where the fresh foods are located such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and fish. The real hazards that can make you regret your shopping trip is in the center aisles where all the junk food and cereals are.  When buying foods you should look for as natural as you can get such as 100% fruit juice or whole grain items. No over processed foods. Reading the back label is key and if this seems like too much work for you then you can simply head over to a Sprouts or Whole Foods or even your local farmers market. It is very easy to find healthy substitutions in these places.

When you finally have your food, the second and most important part is to know how much to eat. The government issued a health guideline on food proportions called the my plate. This shows a wide variety of items and how much you should eat of each. Fruits, grains, protein (meat or meat substitute), vegetables and dairy. Although the dairy is on the side of this my plate, this does not mean it has to be a glass of milk. You can choose anything from low fat yogurt to calcium fortified orange juice.

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Tips to Re-energize Quickly

Three day weekends are glorious gifts bestowed upon us as good worker bees. We look forward to them, plan special events for them and usually exert more energy over those three days than most other three day periods. However, Tuesday arrives all too quickly for most of us and even though we have a short week ahead, we pay the price for our weekend indulgences. Here are some quick tips to ramp up your energy during the workday until you can repay the sleep bank the next weekend:

1. Get up and move around. When you feel your eyes drooping midday, take a walk. Go on a tour of the bathroom and water cooler; then take the long way back to your desk. Even standing up at your cubicle and doing a few calf raises or arm circles will get your blood flowing and leave you feeling energized.
2. See the sun. If you can’t see the sun from your desk, make an effort to get outside at lunch or on breaks. Our bodies need Vitamin D from the sun for a reason and a lack of it can result in sluggishness and fatigue. If possible, work with the blinds or windows open and reap all the benefits of natural light and air.
3. Aromatherapy. Scents like basil, peppermint and lemon have been proven to improve concentration and energy levels. Burn a candle, rub some massage oil on your elbows and knees or simple take a whiff from a bottle of essential oil when you start feeling drowsy.
4. Drink Water. Dehydration causes the blood to thicken and makes the heart pump harder to circulate it throughout the body – you exert more energy even when you are sitting still. Maintaining good hydration keeps the blood moving easily and allows you to exert more energy on the tasks at hand.
5. Douse Your Face in Cold Water. If it won’t ruin your makeup, a quick dunk in the sink will really wake up your senses for the short term. If it will ruin your makeup, a cold, damp paper towel dabbed on your face and neck works just as well.

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Hungary Bans Growth of Genetically Modified Produce

GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms are a hotly contested issue around the world. Parts of Australia and the United States, New Zealand, France, Austria, Greece, Luxembourg and Zambia all have bans against food that has been produced using genetically altered seeds. One reason for this harsh treatment of GMO’s is that we do not yet know the long term effects of ingesting, in some cases, large amounts of insecticide supposedly deadly to invading insects but harmless to humans. Regardless of the ability to grow larger quantities at lower risks of infestation, genetically altered food is seen by many as a danger whose implications are, as yet, unknown.

Hungary has gone past the banning of all Monsanto GMO products and has started requiring seeds to be checked for GMOs before being introduced to the market. Monsanto is a major retailer of genetically modified seeds and this move by the Hungarian government is seen as a serious slap in the face to the international produce giant.

Unfortunately for Hungarian farmers some Monsanto GMO seeds illegally found their way onto the market and hundreds of acres of genetically modified corn were sown this past planting season. The acres containing the illegal harvest were plowed under, by no fault of the farmers, too late in the season to re-plant. An investigation by the Ministry of Rural Development found that seed traders were not properly differentiating between modified seeds and organic ones, but because of the free movement of goods within the European Union, it is impossible to tell where the tampered seeds came from. The Ministry also reported that GM seeds from the two major seed producing companies, Monsanto and Pioneer, may have found their way into the thousands of acres of produce fields.  They will continue running tests to make sure none of these fruits and vegetables make it to consumer markets.

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Get Fit for Summer – 5 Tips to Stick to a Fitness Plan

Summer is exactly 3 months away. As we start getting our backyards and outdoor rooms ready for outdoor entertaining, we should seriously start considering getting ourselves ready for days spent in bikinis and nights in flirty summer dresses. Here are 5 tips for making a fitness plan, sticking to it and ensuring your body is as ready to go for summer as your backyard is:

Set specific goals. Take a measurement of your basic features (waist, hips, and chest) as well as weight, resting heart rate and how many pushups and sit ups you can do in 30 seconds and set out to improve these “stats.” Decide on an ultimate goal, but set up smaller ones along the way to make it seem less daunting and reward yourself for reaching them. For example, in an effort to improve your diet, try giving up buying coffee in the morning for a week and buying yourself a non-food treat with the money you save.
Create workouts you enjoy. Your exercise regimen will never be more than torture if you can’t stand the activities you’re doing. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym to get a good workout. Dancing, hiking, playing basketball, kayaking, surfing and playing wii all burn calories while you’re having fun. Grab a friend for a power walk around your neighborhood and chose a grassy spot to do some resistance training like sit ups and pushups or even join the kids at the playground. With the weather warming up for spring and summer, the outdoor opportunities are endless.

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Tips for Making and Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! As you know, this is that glorious time of year, when our slates are wiped clean and we all set out to be a better person. However, the top ten New Year’s Resolutions nationwide seem to be remarkably similar year after year. Here is a list of the most popular, along with some ideas to make them more specific, so you are not setting yourself up for failure.

Many people have decided that spending more time with family and friends is an important task to accomplish in the New Year. To make this goal more realistic, first make a list of all the people you wish to spend more time with and contact them immediately. This way, there the burden of coordination is no longer just on you. As long as you handle the initiative, hopefully you won’t be the only one attempting to make time.
Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions nationwide. However, striving to lose a large chunk of weight makes the process seem daunting and impossible. Remember that it takes time to lose pounds in a healthy and sustainable way. Set small goals that you will accomplish often. Experts say that you can lose 2-3 pounds a week. Try to lose 5 pounds every two weeks and before you know it, those 20 pounds you’ve been meaning to get rid of will be a goal accomplished.

“Enjoy life more” is probably the vaguest of all New Year’s Resolutions. Make a list of all the things that make you happy, or that you would like more time to do; then, when you have a spare moment or a spare day, take the time to enjoy these activities. Invest in a day planner and set aside specific times of your day or week to participate in these things, or plan to do them with friends. As with anything else, this goal requires modification in your behavior that needs to be trained at first.

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