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Save on Fountains This Christmas for Truly Original Gift

The holiday shopping season is upon us! At Backyard X-Scapes, we want to ensure that you find the best deals on the gifts you’re looking for, whether they are for the special people in your life or for your own household. This holiday season we are running promotions on our high quality indoor fountains that are sure to brighten the atmosphere of any living space.

The retail price of all our 48” Gardenfall fountains has been reduced by $100. These gorgeous indoor fountains come in a variety of colors and backgrounds. Choose from bronze, stainless steel, copper or black frames and mirrored, bamboo etched or slate backdrops. The Gardenfall fountains can be used as mesmerizing focal points in any room or to create a natural soundtrack for any social gathering. Your guests will be transfixed by the beauty of water flowing down a smooth, glossy surface into the waiting rocks below while enjoying all the benefits water fountains add to the air quality of a room.

Fountains have been proven to add moisture to a dry atmosphere and are more mold resistant, energy efficient and visually appealing than humidifying machines that create the same overall effect. The Bellezza fountain combines an old world style frame with a smooth bronze background for a stunning visual effect. This fountain is lightweight for easy installation but is durable enough for either indoor or outdoor use. The retail price has been reduced to just $295, $100 off its original retail price.

Looking for the perfect combination Chirstmas and Housewarming gift? These unique tabletop fountains are priced to give: only $89 for either the Mini Moonshadow (pictured) or the Haiku Moon Tabletop fountain. These fountains are perfect for an outdoor dinner table or inside an apartment. Small, lightweight and versatile, our tabletop fountains make great gifts for any adult on your list.

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5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you haven’t given a thought to what you will give your Mother (or wife), you are in luck! Here are five sure fire gifts that are guaranteed to score you some brownie points this year. From the easy and homemade to the more expensive and extravagant, you are sure to find something that will suit the Mother in your life AND your budget.

Cook or Bake. Do this with Mom or for Mom, either way she is sure to love some home cooked goods that she didn’t have to spend the day creating. Even if you just make ice cream sundaes, you’ll still spend some quality time together AND you get to enjoy them afterwards!
Gym Membership. Kick start Mom’s New Year’s Resolution that she never got around to by buying her a gym membership for a year or even a one month trial period. It may be just the push she needs to make her weight loss or shape up goals a reality. If she already has a membership, absorb her payments for a month…or the whole year!
Me book. Invest in a book of biographical questions and fill it out with Mom. Available at most bookstores, these books ask questions about Mom’s childhood, upbringing, career and life in general. You will really get to know your Mother as she creates her own mini-autobiography.
Convert Home Movies. Clean out all those old VHS and put your home videos on space-saving DVDs. DVDs are easier to store, easier to navigate and just plain easier to deal with. If you don’t have the technology to do it yourself, electronics stores everywhere will do it for you for a small fee. Watch the movies with Mom on Sunday as a reward for all your hard work.
Maid Service. Give Mom a break from the upkeep of the house and invest in a one-time cleaning service. Groupon runs specials for services like Merry Maids and other housecleaning companies for about $40. Mom is sure to love having someone else clean the toilet for a change.

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Tropical Gift Ideas

The holidays are that time of year when spirits are lifted by jolly music and memories with loved ones are made.  As much as the holidays are meant for a time of joy, there are stresses that accompany the festive season such as figuring out what to buy and where to get it.  December is always one of those months with not enough days to stop at the store to get everything you intend to pick up.

What we did is put together some of our own and some of our customer product favorites to compile a list of gift ideas this season.

Bamboo Rug

Available in four different sizes, this rug is versatile for both indoor and outdoor uses.  Made out of eco-friendly bamboo and bound by a canvas backing, this rug is constructed to easily roll up or out for easy placement and mobility.  The best part is that it is a grand gift that won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet.  You can grab our smallest size, 24″W x 36″L for only $15.99.

Tiki Statue

Tiki Statues are the type of gifts that keep giving in many ways.  Similarly to how a great coffee table book or piece of wall art contributes character to an area, Tiki statues spark conversation and add a tropical vibe to any setting.  Promoting Luck, Love, Fortune, Family and even Happiness, giving a tiki statue is one way to send positive thoughts to someone you care about.

Thatch or Umbrella Kits

Sometimes the best gift is the one that helps with a design project.  Especially since it’s the holidays, friends or family may be putting a design or landscaping on project on hold to shop for the holidays.  You can help kick start their project by supplying with thatch, an umbrella kit or even bamboo.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With father’s day right around the corner, Sunday June 21st, coming up with gift ideas may often leave many of us in a blur. What makes shopping for father’s day simple and easy is taking into account that summer is now upon us, and gifts for the backyard are the ones that keep on giving. Items such as outdoor furnishings, BBQ accessories and outdoor bars are not only excellent gifts for Dad, but also provide use, entertainment and activities between friends and loved ones.

Here are Backyard X-Scapes top five gift for dad ideas this year.

5) Gardenfall Water Feature Waterfall

The Gardenfall waterfall is classically beautiful and blends seamlessly in a home, office or outdoor setting.The contemporary design and soothing water sounds create a relaxing ambiance, with aesthetically unique reflections mirrored from behind the water.In case you are unsure of the design of Dad’s home or office, the black framing makes it easier to coordinate and be more versatile with any décor.

4) Tiki Statues


Celebrating tropical and island culture, Tiki Statues are a fun and interesting way to decorate any space. Coming in various sizes and styles, there are Tiki statues to help promote and enhance Love, Luck, Fortune and Strength. Each Tiki Statue is authentically hand carved and coated with a Spar Varnish to keep it waterproof and resistant to light.What make Tiki statues interesting conversation pieces are the history behind them, their distinguished expressions, and meaningful charm to each kind.

3) BBQ Double Side Burner


If dad already has a BBQ island or grill, this double side burner would be the perfect accessory.Each burner is equipped with its own adjusting knob to control the heat individually, is encased completely in stainless steel, and enclosed by a durable lid.This way while the grill is going, you can also have items frying or boiling on the side.

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