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What to do with Bamboo?

1: Use bamboo poles as plant supports.

Eco Friendly Black Bamboo Pole Tree Stakes

2: Use bamboo poles for decorations.

Two Vases Decorative Bamboo Poles

Seaside Wedding Arbor made with bamboo poles

Black Bamboo Pole Architectural Design

3: Make a bamboo fence.

Backyard X-Scapes carries already pre-wired bamboo fencing that is easily put up with additional hardware. The pre-wired bamboo fence is great because it can be used indoors or outdoor. They can also be fitted on the front of thatched tiki bar.

Commercial Fence Installed At Theme Park Utilizing Natural Bamboo Rolled Fencing Panels

Mahogany Bamboo Fencing Custom Room Divider

Outdoor Kitchen With Black Bamboo Fencing

4. Use bamboo panels as ceiling coverings.

tortoise bamboo panel drop ceiling

They are many products that are made with bamboo, finding the right use for them is up to you!

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15 Ideas for an Amazing Backyard

backyard-Garden-Sml-(1)Your backyard should be your sanctuary from the world. To have an amazing backyard, it will probably take a little bit of work, but it will definitely be worth it. We’ve created this list of 15 ideas that can take your backyard from boring to amazing. Don’t worry about doing everything. Just work with the space you have and take things one project at a time.


1. Water Features

Small streams, waterfalls, or ponds can add a natural, soothing element to your yard. If you have the money and space, a pool can be a fun addition as well.


2. Levels

If your backyard is sloped or awkwardly shaped, levels can make the best of the space you have. They can also make your space more interesting.


3. Trees

Big trees can add shade to your backyard, and smaller trees can add visual interest. Either way, make sure you have the time for the upkeep. Raking leaves in the fall and pruning limbs in the spring can both take quite a bit of time that will need to be planned for.


4. Fire Pits

Cool evenings can become much more cozy when you have a fire pit to gather around.


5. Stones and Paths

If you want to add interest to your backyard space, you can add large stones, paths, or stepping stones. Real rocks can be a great feature, but artificial rocks can be a good idea if your yard has unsightly elements that you want to keep hidden. Paths and stepping stones can keep your lawn from excess wear.


6. Decks & Patios

If you use your backyard for entertaining, a deck or patio can help keep your landscaping from being trampled.

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Gorgeous Everyday Statues for Your Backyard

 garden statues

Statues are the perfect accent to any home or business decor. It can instantly update the look of any room, entryway, or garden. Statues can range from small tabletop sizes to large stand-alone sizes. They come in many different design styles ranging from contemporary to classical styles. The texture, color, and type of stone can also change the whole look and feel of the statue and the design space it is in.

garden statue goddess

Statues for Every Area

If you have an empty spot that needs to be filled, use a statue! Small to medium statues work well in creating added interest and texture to any room or outdoor area. Larger statues work well as a focal point to any space. Smaller Buddha head statues work well on table tops, counters, or shelves. Classic busts are great for pedestals and for indoors as well. Add garden spheres to add unique look to your outdoor gardens. Place them individually or in clusters of three.  For a classical style garden, Roman gods/goddesses are a perfect accent or focal point. Feel free to add statues to entryways or by the front door outside. Have fierce lions or Foo dogs greet guests on your front pathway.

buddha statue head bust

Statue Design Styles

There are many different styles of statues to choose from. For zen and Eastern look, Buddha statues are the most popular kind. You can either place a Buddha head or a whole calm Buddha meditating. You can also add animal statues for a woodland feel to your gardens. Deer statues, frogs, dogs, and garden fairies are all wonderful additions to your garden. Classic styles such as Roman gods and goddesses add an elegant and luxurious touch. They come as busts, torso, or full body length. For a beautiful and modern look, the garden spheres are an excellent choice. Obelisks with its clean and simple lines work well in a contemporary chic garden. Elegant post balls can be added on top of pedestals and columns for a finishing look. With many styles to choose from, it is easy to add that special and extra decor for your home or business.

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Gorgeous Fountains: Your Relaxation X-Scape

fountain pot in garden

Enter into a tranquil and peaceful paradise with a visually inspiring fountain! Be lulled by the bubbling water melody. Gaze into the rippling water and escape into your day-dreams! This beautiful addition will soothe your eyes, ears and mind. You will enjoy your new fountain for many years to come.

Fountains Fit Anywhere

Fountains are a great way to update your space and add some visual and auditory enhancement! It accents gardens to make it look more lush. Another alternative is that it can be used as a focal point. Fountains come in many sizes and shapes. It can be small enough for a table-top or grand enough to cover a whole backyard. The heights can vary significantly along with where they can be placed. If you want more interest on your walls, mounting a beautiful wall fountain is ideal. Some can be customized to be higher or lower depending on your design structure.

fountain birdbath in garden

Great Variety of Styles: Indoor and Outdoors

Fountains also come in many styles. There are the classic styles that evoke Roman times or the Renaissance era. Rustic styles are quite popular with their earthy and simplistic yet eye-catching finishes. Another popular style are the abstract and contemporary fountains. These contemporary styles tend to more easily customizable. Some allow you the option of adding a rotating orb on top for height and interest. Different styles also change how water ripples downward. Some styles create more “sound” since the water travels down over more ridges and bumps. Fountains can be used indoors and outdoors.

small oblique contemporary modern fountain

Indoor styles tend to be straighter and mirrored. These are elegant and modern that works for small spaces. Add it to an entry way for a grand and breath-taking focal point. Some can be wall mounted if space is an issue. These indoor styles come lighted so the beautiful water movement and background comes to focus.

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Bamboo Ladybug Feeder DIY!

Welcome to our first DIY of the year! There are plenty of garden accessories that you can buy, but why not create your own? Gardening is a hands-on activity so create some neat items to accentuate your garden! Ladybugs are known to be a gardener’s best friend. Why not create a sanctuary for them to relax in your gardens? Today we will look at an extremely easy DIY: the bamboo ladybug feeder.

bamboo ladybug feeder diy

A Gardener’s Best Friend

Aphids are a common garden pest that are difficult to control even with pesticide. Stop spraying your gardens with chemicals and lower the aphid population with a natural and green solution! Ladybugs are known to devour dozens of aphids per day. Ladybugs seek out aphids in hard to reach places. Ladybugs also prey on other pests such as mealybugs, scale, leaf hoppers and mites. They also pollinate your plants since ladybugs are always moving around flower to flower.

ladybug pests

A Green Solution

With more ladybugs in your gardens, there is less of a need for pesticides. Get rid of pests the natural way! Bamboo is a wonderful sustainable material as well. It is a durable and strong material that will last long time. Attract and keep these environmentally friendly insects with the bamboo ladybug feeder. The raisins in the feeder will provide food for the ladybugs when aphid populations are low. This will also keep the ladybugs in your garden.

ladybug bamboo feeder

Bamboo Ladybug Feeder How-To

The ladybug bamboo feeding station is an extremely easy DIY. All you need is a piece of bamboo pole and some string. Use a bamboo pole that is at least 1 inch in diameter. Ideally a 2 inch diameter bamboo pole is best.

Tools Needed:

  1. Saw
  2. Drill
  3. Bamboo Pole
  4. Garden string
  5. Raisin or other foods to attract ladybugs
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Artificial Rocks: A Realistic and Beautiful Solution

Dekorra Artificial Rocks Fake Rock

Artificial Rocks have been gaining popularity throughout the years for its functionality and beauty. Rocks have always been part of garden decorating for creating paved pathways, borders, a main focus piece, and various other uses as well. Unlike traditional rock, artificial rocks are much lighter so it is easier to change the location of the rocks whenever you choose. Also some artificial rocks are hollow which allow for it to hide water-pumps, septic clean-outs, back-flow assemblies and other unsightly garden eye-sores.

Realistic and Beautiful 

New technology makes artificial rocks very realistic looking while making it light-weight. The rocks are also durable and harsh climate elements such as the sun or rain will not cause it to break or crack. It comes in all shapes and forms to accommodate your garden shape or designs in mind. A lot of the rocks mimic the colors of real rocks. The rocks are made from a blend of different colors just like real rocks. There are many different color schemes to choose from such as autumn bluff- a reddish light brown color, fieldstone- light heather grey color, riverbed- hues of soft purple, blue and grey, and sandstone- sandy beige shades. Any of these four shades will fit beautifully into your garden decor style!

fake rock

Functional Artificial Rocks

Artificial rocks come in various shapes and sizes to cover any garden eye-sores. They’re small enough to hide small pumps and large enough to hide pressure tanks up to 60″ tall! Use artificial rocks to seamlessly hide objects that do not match with your garden design. Shapes can range from rocks that are low and wide, tall and narrow, rectangular, triangular, or a cube shape. They are naturally shaped yet able to cover objects with ease. Rocks sizes range from small to extremely large. Some artificial rocks also come with an optional address plaque.

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Bamboo Poles for Organic and Green Home Gardening!

bamboo poles for garden stakes

Organic Living

It’s great if you already buy organic but wouldn’t it be even better to exactly know where your food is coming from? How about growing your own garden using bamboo poles? It may sound daunting at first but with the right tools it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Also it’s a great way to keep an active lifestyle and spend some time outside! From large backyards to compact condos or apartments, gardening is a wonderful hobby to keep. Not only is it an activity that has a low carbon-footprint it will keep your body healthy as well.

bamboo pole row garden

For a fledgling garden, bamboo poles make fantastic stakes. Not only are they an attractive addition to your garden but they are extremely durable. Add bamboo poles to support your plants such as tomatoes, long stemmed flowers, and other weak stemmed plants. Plant can also be trained to grow certain ways using stakes. Bamboo poles are eco-friendly so they will not harm your garden or the environment in any way.

Bamboo Pole Arrangement

Arranging your bamboo poles in a tripod shape is the most stable and effective way. Tie up your bamboo pole stakes using a gardening clip, ties, or rope. Use your bamboo poles in a “Grid System” aka “Square Foot Gardening.” You can also use solitary bamboo poles for smaller plants.

bamboo pole stake square foot gardening

The grid system style of gardening saves a lot of space, energy and time. It also saves a lot of water since the plants take up less space instead of traditional row planting. Planting, re-planting and harvesting the plants in grid system is less time consuming. Also you can customize how big you want the blocks to be since this garden style is scalable.

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A New Year and a New Space

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy New Year!

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! With the start of the new year, we are back to updating our blog to bring you great DIY ideas, current events, and indoor/outdoor inspiration! The New Year is also a wonderful time to make new resolutions- big or small. How about updating your yard or maybe adding a small accent indoors? At Backyard X-Scapes, we offer many products that will help you reach your goal!

Come by and check out our Pinterest page!

Come by and check out our Pinterest page!

For indoor and outdoor inspiration, head to our Pinterest Page! What is Pinterest? It’s an image based website where you “pin” images that catches your fancy. We organized all our image pins into organized boards that will help you pick out what you need such as our Bamboo Fencing Pinterest Page! It shows a comprehensive image list of what we offer. We also have a Garden/Outdoor Inspiration, Home/Indoor Inspiration, and many other boards that will give you some great ideas to get your new look started!

So what catches our fancy? It ranges from amazing backyard re-modeling with modern bamboo fencing and sculptures to simple decor changes such as bamboo poles in vases.

bamboo poles in vase

Not all changes have to be substantial! Little changes here and there can really update the look in your home or business. Adding bamboo poles in vases is a very easy DIY that will fill up empty corner spaces or give that extra decor accent that will bring a room together. It is a very modern and elegant design idea that will surely update your area. Another great resolution could be updating your fencing and borders. Bamboo fencing is an eco-friendly and beautiful solution for a new backyard look. Completely update your fencing or attach bamboo fencing to existing fencing to cover up old or unsightly fencing. We offer many colors and sizes that will suit any design project you had in mind.

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How-To Fix Backyard Blunders

There are many issues we face with our backyards, how to make them pretty, usable  bigger, etc. With all these issues, we tend to feel overwhelmed but don’t fret, Backyard X-Scapes is here to help.

Let’s face the most common issue, how to make a backyard feel bigger. If you are someone who got the lucky opportunity to have a rooftop or balcony as your backyard then feel proud. You get the opportunity to think outside the box. If you are dealing with a small space, you are not trapped. A lot of people forget that you can always build your creativity upwards and outwards. This means that you can purchase planter boxes and place them on a wall using the space you were given. Another great idea is to paint coffee cans or glass jars on a small table with herbs in them for cooking. This is a great way to have garden fresh food by utilizing your small space. Painting the containers would also give a nice homey touch to your “backyard”. To make sure you get the shade you need in this space, I recommend a rooftop umbrella with a heavy iron base to keep it from flying away in high winds.

It seems that space is always the issue even if you have a large yard because some people choose to build a pool and deck and get carried away with such large items and when they are complete they realize it makes their backyard smaller then it was. An easy way to fix this problem is planter boxes. Make sure you use the right kind for your area, plastic for year-round, clay for full sun plants, metal for dry plants and wood to let plants breathe. Placing a few of these around your pool or on your oversized deck with make your backyard into a garden paradise and remember that the closer plants are planted to each other, the more water they will need.

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Outdoor Lighting for Summer

As summer keeps giving us little tastes of what is to come, we can’t seem to stem the anticipation of outdoor barbecues, hot summer nights outside and all the glory that is the warmest season of the year. So as we sit in eagerness, we might as well get a jump on the outdoor decorating that is sure to make our backyards, porches and outdoor rooms perfect summer venues. Outdoor lighting is going to be a key component to extend the beautiful summer days into the warm summer nights, even if the sun says out past 8 pm. Here are some tips to get your outdoor space up to par for nighttime entertaining.

Illumination. Make sure to light treacherous areas of your yard. Your guests will appreciate it. Hazards include changes in terrain, abrupt directional shifts, steps, curbs or inclines/declines. Also light pools or any water feature for safety purposes.  Trails or walkways can be lit with small “pathway” lights, placed close enough together so that the small pools of light overlap. Interesting focal points such as fountains, statues or particularly beautiful foliage should also be illuminated .

Mood Lighting. An outdoor space or yard used primarily for throwing big parties will require more and brighter lighting while a space for small scale gatherings may only require the dim light of a fire pit or a few well-placed solar lamp posts. For a brighter scene, consider using Christmas lights in shrubs, to line a fence or intertwined with an umbrella or patio posts; white twinkle lights will add elegance while colored ones will add life and vibrance.

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