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Supporting “Green” With the Earth Day Silent Auction

Each year after the Earth Day fair, San Diego Earthworks holds an awards ceremony recognizing individuals who have made a greener difference in the community, which is then followed by a dinner and silent auction.  Backyard X-Scapes was invited to attend the festivities and  to donate an eco-friendly product for the auction.

Our all-natural bamboo furniture added a hint of the tropics to the décor and was admired both for its aesthetic appeal and functionality while being environmentally-friendly. We’re incredibly proud that our bamboo furniture set was able to raise money for a great cause, while providing attending patrons with a comfortable place to sit and enjoy.

In keeping with the motif, the event was completely waste -free.  All the drink containers and serving devices were 100% biodegradable and all food waste were separated into a bin for land fertilizer, rather than being sent to the landfill.

In addition to enjoying great food, good times and some friendly auction competitiveness, we got to see and experience all of the other wonderful green ideas sprouting up in the San Diego area.  One great auction item was for a business membership to the Green Chamber of Commerce, a business network “supporting the development of sustainable business practices, and advocating for a green public policy.”  With the recent environmental devastation surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we also believe that now more than ever, businesses need to be more aware of the environmental impact we make, and in which ways we can help each other to be more kind to the planet.

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Backyard X-Scapes Participates in EarthFair 2010 at Balboa Park

April 22, 2010 marked the 40th annual Earth Day. Established in 1970, Earth Day was created to spread awareness about the environment and further educate the public about eco-friendly alternatives and lifestyles. The San Diego EarthFair is our local tribute to the environment. Over 70,000 people packed into Balboa Park on Sunday April 18th to inspire local conservation efforts. Vendors and exhibitors displayed everything from organically grown and naturally-made crops and products to alternative energy vehicles. Information on traditional conservation efforts was readily available as well as pet adoption services, eco-tourism opportunities and organic gardening resources.

As bamboo is the latest in eco-friendly flooring, fencing and decorating, Backyard X-Scapes fit in perfectly with the environmentally-conscious crowd. Our display touted the finest in tiki-themed décor, including a full-scale bamboo bar with matching tiki barstools, masks and torches.

Our decorative signage was big hit, especially among the vacation-seeking weekenders.

We showed guests and tourists the benefits of eco-conscious decorating and inspired numerous tiki themed backyards with the incredible variety of fencing, bordering, lighting and accents available.

The event was a huge success for everyone involved. We were allowed the pleasure of connecting with our community through a common goal: protecting the environment we all share. It was fantastic to see the amount of young people in attendance – all eager to learn about and participate in environmental conservation.

All in all, EarthFair 2010 at Balboa Park was a huge success. Adults and children of all ages came together a learned not only why but how to keep the planet beautiful. Hopefully, the event, coupled with every vendor and exhibitors efforts to create an eco-aware community will make San Diego a greener, cleaner and healthier place for all of us.

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Gulf of Mexico Affecting Indigenous Wildlife and Perhaps Much More


On April 20, 2010, the world witnessed an environmental catastrophe of monumental proportions as a BP oil rig experienced an explosion that sent it 5,000 feet below the surface, causing pipe leaks that are still spewing thousands of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day. Multiple miles of shoreline have been affected and are enduring economic, environmental and public health consequences. Ultimately, the spill is the worst in history; some estimates place the BP disaster at 72 million gallons more devastating than 1989 Exxon Valdez incident. While area residents are undoubtedly suffering from a government mandated fishing halt as well as an almost dead stop in the tourism season, the creatures most affected are the Gulf’s indigenous marine plants and animals.
Already, dead birds and fish are washing up on the shores of Louisiana and even though the long term effects are still unknown, scientists are beginning to talk about possible extinction scenarios. Many already endangered species inhabit the Gulf and others use it as a vital breeding or feeding ground along their migration route. Sea turtles, whales and dolphins are of primary concern, but the Gulf is also home to the Bluefin Tuna and the brown pelican, two species on the verge of joining the endangered list.

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Rebuilding Together San Diego

Rebuilding Together San diego” is an organization we’ve been working recently in promoting the idea of “neighbors helping neighbors.”  We find it incredibly important to give back to the communities, especially ones in which we are so much a part of.  Rebuilding Together San Diego approached us with a wonderful idea and mission, that we were honored to be able to be a part of:

In partnership with volunteers, donors and organizations, Rebuilding Together San Diego revitalizes homes and neighborhoods for low-income homeowners and communities in need, especially the elderly, disabled and families, helping them to live in warmth, safety and independence.”

In joining with Rebuilding Together San Diego, we were able to liven backyards with a fresh new look for spring.  Here are some of projects.

This bounteous garden look was created using black bamboo fencing, spare wooden crates/boxes or drawers, a palm tree, extra plants and pumpkins.  What’s useful is that the boxes are not only decorative but are also functional as creative planters.

Replacing an older fence or wall can be costly so for a charming and charismatic look, our natural 4ft fence is paired with our mahogany 4 ft fence which works with the gate and borders the tall trees.

To give a walk way to a home more character, our rock bench was paired with matching path stones.

For more about the projects and how to get involved visit

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New Site Launch!

thatch umbrella kit

create your  great escape

While you all have been busy spring cleaning, we’ve been hard at work re-vamping the new Backyard X-Scapes website, in time for summer.  With the new site launch, we’re working on making it easier to shop, adding lots of great features, and contests like our “Backyard of the Month” to win you great prizes.

We’ll also be updating our promotions frequently so be sure to subscribe to our “Green News and Offers” to save.

Some added features to our new site include better images and viewing capabilities for our products, featured products on the home page and a one step checkout process.

Over the past couple months, we’ve been featured in 2 episodes of A&E’s fix this yard where they’ve used our pottery and artificial rocks to transform unruly yards.   You can see everyone we’ve been working with and the green events we’ve been involved in.  You can also read about what some of our customers have to say about us.

Don’t forget that today is the last day to enter the raffle on the homepage to win $200 in home and garden products!

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