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Why You Should Switch to Bamboo Wood Products

There are numerous factors to consider when you redecorate your backyard. Often  homeowners have a distinctive look or style that they want to implement. Factors to consider when landscaping are cost of materials, ease of installation, maintenance requirements, and longevity. Some homeowners are also concerned about how their redecorating efforts will affect their neighbors or the environment. While there are many materials that you can choose to use in your yard, bamboo wood products is the best option available for many reasons.

Durable and Affordable

Bamboo wood products such as poles, paneling, and fencing materials are often used in backyards that have a tropical motif. Bamboo thrives in warm regions, so it is commonly associated with tropical environments. Because bamboo grows at such a rapid rate, the material is easily and quickly replenished. This makes it rather affordable to work with compared to other types of wood products. However, it is highly durable and may be considered to be as useful in outdoor settings as hardwoods like cedar.

Easy to Work With

In addition to being decorative, affordable and durable, it also is relatively easy to work with. There are many types of bamboo products at Backyard X-Scapes and all are easy to  install making them perfect for a do-it-yourself home enthusiast. Our bamboo materials  come pre-sized and with many varieties to choose from. Our products range from decorative poles and fencing material to wall panels, furniture, and more. Bamboo is a highly versatile wood that is environmentally friendly.

Find Bamboo Products at Backyard X-Scapes

There are many benefits to using bamboo wood products in your decorating projects. You can find the best selection of bamboo products available for purchase online through Backyard X-Scapes. The bamboo products are available in different colors. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect selection for your indoor or  outdoor living space.

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Natural Bamboo Instantly Transforms Any Fence

Fencing is used on a property for many purposes. For residential properties, it is most commonly used for privacy and to define property boundaries. While many homes may have a traditional wooden slat fence or iron fence, a natural bamboo fence is a great option to enhance the look of your property line. Fencing may be used around the perimeter of your yard, but it can also be used to define certain areas. Because of its prevalence and visibility the fencing can have a major impact on the look of the property.

Instantly Transform Your Yard

Whether you have the desire to implement a tropical theme or just want a great looking fence, you can instantly transform the look of your space with a natural bamboo fence. Bamboo fences are available in various heights, shades, colors, and styles. They feature durable bamboo poles tightly connected in rolls ready for installation. Simply unroll the bamboo fence and secure it in place. The distinctive look of bamboo can establish an exotic ambiance to any space with ease.

Bamboo Has Been Used for Thousands of Years

While you may want to transform the look for your space using natural bamboo fencing, you also want to ensure that you are using a material that is durable and weather-resistant. After all, a fence may remain in place on your property for 10, 20, 30 years. Bamboo is a material that is known for its natural strength and durability, so you can rest assured that it will provide you with many years of use. Bamboo has been used as a building material in China for thousands of years. It has even been used to build skyscrapers in Hong Kong. This is due to its strength, flexibility, and abundance as a fast growing natural resource.

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Bamboo Wall Panels are an Easy and Affordable Solution to Decor

bamboo panels

In many areas of the home, the décor of the walls may be established with the use of decorative paint, wall paper or other similar solutions. However, decorating drywall with these materials is not the only option available to you, and if your goal is to create a tropical theme in your space, bamboo wall paneling may be more ideal. This type of paneling is perfect for both indoor uses as well as outdoor uses in tiki bars, palapas, cabanas and outdoor living areas. With a closer look at the benefits that it offers, you may determine that it is the right material to use in your decorating efforts.

bamboo panels kitchen

An Affordable Solution

When you think about installing a unique material like bamboo wall paneling in your space, you may think that the cost would be astronomical. However, bamboo is a relatively affordable material to work with. It is easily replenished because of how quickly natural bamboo grows, and this is just one reason why you can find bamboo paneling available at low prices. While affordable, the material is just as durable and hardy as hardwoods like cedar, and it will hold up well to the elements when used outdoors.

Easy to Work With

In addition to being affordable, bamboo wall paneling is also easy to work with. While you may be able to find individual wall slats in some stores, others carry rolls of panels that make installation a breeze. The panels are connected together with a durable cloth backing. You simply have to unroll the paneling and attach it to the existing wall. The panel rolls can be attached with glue, nails or staples. It really is that easy to transform the look of your space with the decorative look of bamboo.

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Using Natural, Black, and Half Round Bamboo Poles

Whether decorating your pool area or an outdoor living space you know that the small decorative touches are just as important as the larger features. You may already have tropically-themed outdoor furniture and other features installed. Now you are looking for the ideal way to tie the  entire look together. Decorative bamboo poles in shades of natural or black and in shapes of round or half round can be used creatively in any number of ways to add that finished look you’re looking for.

Natural, Black, and Half Round Bamboo

You can purchase both all-natural, black, half round, and faux bamboo poles in varying heights and colors for different decorating needs. The poles may be purchased individually or in a bundle. They can provide you with a great way to finish the look of your tropically themed backyard.

These decorative bamboo poles are ideal for use as fencing anchors for a bamboo fence, and they can also anchor bamboo paneling for your outdoor living area walls. Some homeowners will use them for more creative decorating purposes such as posts for a tropically-themed sign, to hold different tiki statues and more.

Decorative bamboo poles can be placed strategically individually or in  bundles. They can also be used in combination with other features. The look that you are trying to achieve will determine the style of bamboo poles you need. For example, Placing bamboo on the walls or ceiling may be best suited for half round poles. Black bamboo poles do well to ad contrast and an elegant, natural look. Also, if the poles will be placed near flammable features, you might consider faux bamboo with the safety benefits of artificial material rather than a natural material.

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Which Type of Bamboo Pole Should You Use?

bamboo poles indoor bathroom

Bamboo poles have been used throughout history for its beauty and function. Bamboo is a fast growing plant which made it ideal for building structures such as homes, bridges, scaffolding, etc. An extremely positive benefit of using bamboo is that it is an environmentally friendly material. They are flexible yet are extremely durable and long lasting. Some types of bamboo are known to have the tensile strength of steel!

bamboo poles vase indoor decor

The color of a bamboo pole depends on the type of bamboo. Moso and Tonkin are types of bamboo with the beautiful natural hue of yellows, tans, and beige patinas. Our black bamboo poles come from the beautiful black cane bamboo. It is a blend of black, dark tan, and dark green for a earthy look. Both colors are a neutral color that will be a beautiful backdrop for most designs.

bamboo poles decor

Bamboo poles also come in various widths and lengths. The width of the pole can change the feel of the room. Bamboo pole lengths can range from 5 feet to 10 feet. Some poles come split in the middle which is perfect for certain types of projects. It may be easier to add half bamboo poles to walls or flat surfaces.

For help with online ordering, please use the chat option on or give us a call at (866)222-1422 to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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Creative Outdoor Bamboo Pole Uses

black bamboo poles modern patio

Bamboo poles are a great material to use for all your outdoor or indoor projects. Simply beautiful, they are versatile and perfect for many functions. Bamboo is also very eco-friendly and durable! Their durability also means that you’ll be using the bamboo poles for a long time and don’t need to replace it as often.

bamboo poles planters

Today we’ll be focusing on how bamboo poles can be used in outdoor projects. A great idea is to cut bamboo poles and use them as stylish planters. These planters can be bunched together for a neat effect. Pole diameters can range from 1 inch to 4-5 inches. Depending on the size use the planters to decorate your floor space or for outdoor tabletops. Plant beautiful succulents or flowers for a fresh and gorgeous look.

bamboo poles roof patio

Bamboo poles are also used extensively as patio roofing. Not only is it highly functional but serves as a striking yet subtle backdrop for many different types of designs. You can tightly pack the poles together for more shade. If you want partial sunlight, space the poles every several inches. Enjoy a lazy afternoon under your bamboo pole patio or use the space for entertaining.

 wedding bamboo ideas

A very popular way bamboo poles are used are in weddings! Bamboo poles make wonderful arches since it warm glow of tans, beiges, and yellow make it a perfect for tropical or beach-side weddings. We highly recommend using Guadua bamboo poles when constructing the wedding arch of your dreams. Guadua bamboo poles are known for its consistency and beauty. They are straight and the diameter is even all throughout its length. With the tensile strength of steel, feel free to add anything to your bamboo pole archway. Decorate your archway with ethereal fabrics, boughs of flowers, hanging crystals, and even lights/lanterns!

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Caring for Your Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fencing natural

Bamboo fencing is naturally strong and will also beautifully enhance your area! Although bamboo is durable, like any other material it needs to be treated well. If it is well taken care of, bamboo fencing will last you for an even longer time.

Protection for Bamboo Fencing

Coat the bamboo fence panels generously with a wood protectant such as Total Wood Protection (TWP). What is TWP? TWP is a wood finish that will add a beautiful glossy sheen to your bamboo fencing. Added benefits of using this wood finish is that it will also protect your fencing from harsh outside elements. These detrimental elements include harmful UV rays that could discolor and weaken your bamboo fencing. TWP also adds resistance to moisture and rain. TWP also strengthens the fence so it can withstand elements such as snow, mildew, and abrasion.



You can buy two types of TWP depending on the color of your bamboo fencing. For light and natural colored bamboo fencing, go with a cedar colored TWP to enhance the natural color and to protect the fencing. For darker colors such as the black bamboo fencing or mahogany fencing, go with dark oak colored TWP. Apply the wood protectant with a brush and make sure to in between each pole for the ultimate protection. Apply TWP at least once a year so your fencing is properly protected. This will greatly increase the lifespan of your fencing.

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How to Choose Bamboo Fencing

natural bamboo fencing

Bamboo fencing has been out in the market for quite some time now. With many different colors and thickness, how do you choose the right one for you? It is a versatile and beautiful addition to your home and business. Bamboo can fit in many different decor styles ranging from modern & contemporary, tropical & beachy, and shabby chic as well! Depending on the color and thickness of the bamboo, it can change the mood of the environment in many different ways. The quickest way to divide up different types of fencing is through

  1. Bamboo Fencing Color
  2. Bamboo Fencing Size
  3. Bamboo Fencing Diameter

Using these three visual guides, let us help you decide on a bamboo fencing that will fit best with your home or business!

Bamboo Fencing Color

Color is the easiest choice to make visually when choosing your fencing. Bamboo colors come in natural, natural black, and mahogany. The natural color fencing is the most popular option since its natural colors of yellow, tan, and beige complements many different spaces. The natural colors can be used in modern architecture projects or a Zen garden. Another popular option is the natural black bamboo. It is a naturally occurring blend of dark green, brown, and black. Black bamboo is best suited for a modern decor look, but it is versatile enough for any area. Subtle and mysterious, black bamboo is a great choice. The third type of bamboo color is mahogany. This bamboo is a natural bamboo stained mahogany. This beautiful color works well in a country or rustic theme with its rich dark red colors. Modern homes will also benefit with a rich mahogany stained bamboo.

mahogany bamboo Fencing

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Guadua Bamboo Poles: The Giant Timber Bamboo

Guadua Bamboo Poles

Guadua Bamboo Poles’ Amazing Properties

Guadua bamboo poles are recognized as one of the strongest species of bamboo in the world. How strong are these bamboo poles? Their strength is equivalent to steel which is amazing! Guadua bamboo is also known as the “Giant Timber Bamboo” since it can grow at extreme lengths. Despite the size of this bamboo, it does not warp and the diameter and nodes are consistent. Not only does this make the bamboo strong but aesthetically beautiful as well. What does warping mean? Regular bamboo tends to not grow straight after a certain length and also tapers as it grows taller. Guadua bamboo poles has minimal taper and is straight past 10 feet! This particularly straight quality over its length, make it an ideal material for any residential or commercial design.

Guadua Bamboo Poles Backyard X-Scapes

Uses for Guadua Bamboo

As we noted before, the Guadua bamboo pole has the tensile strength of steel and compression strength of concrete. It is used for construction purposes primarily in South, and Central America. This bamboo is growing popularity for architectural projects around the globe. Guadua bamboo does not need to be limited to for architectural design. Use these bamboo poles for a sturdy yet romantic wedding arch for a breezy beach wedding. Tie the bamboo poles down into the desired shape of your choice.

bamboo wedding arch

Another great use for these gorgeous bamboo poles is to use them as patio roofing. Bamboo poles make great roofing since it allows partial sunlight in for warmth. The less thick variety could also be used as fencing posts or room decor (ie. bamboo poles in vases).

Eco-Friendly and Green

Bamboo is known for its sustainability and green properties. Easier to grow than other types of woods, Guadua bamboo is environmentally friendly for these following reasons:

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A New Year and a New Space

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy New Year!

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! With the start of the new year, we are back to updating our blog to bring you great DIY ideas, current events, and indoor/outdoor inspiration! The New Year is also a wonderful time to make new resolutions- big or small. How about updating your yard or maybe adding a small accent indoors? At Backyard X-Scapes, we offer many products that will help you reach your goal!

Come by and check out our Pinterest page!

Come by and check out our Pinterest page!

For indoor and outdoor inspiration, head to our Pinterest Page! What is Pinterest? It’s an image based website where you “pin” images that catches your fancy. We organized all our image pins into organized boards that will help you pick out what you need such as our Bamboo Fencing Pinterest Page! It shows a comprehensive image list of what we offer. We also have a Garden/Outdoor Inspiration, Home/Indoor Inspiration, and many other boards that will give you some great ideas to get your new look started!

So what catches our fancy? It ranges from amazing backyard re-modeling with modern bamboo fencing and sculptures to simple decor changes such as bamboo poles in vases.

bamboo poles in vase

Not all changes have to be substantial! Little changes here and there can really update the look in your home or business. Adding bamboo poles in vases is a very easy DIY that will fill up empty corner spaces or give that extra decor accent that will bring a room together. It is a very modern and elegant design idea that will surely update your area. Another great resolution could be updating your fencing and borders. Bamboo fencing is an eco-friendly and beautiful solution for a new backyard look. Completely update your fencing or attach bamboo fencing to existing fencing to cover up old or unsightly fencing. We offer many colors and sizes that will suit any design project you had in mind.

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