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What to do with Bamboo?

1: Use bamboo poles as plant supports.

Eco Friendly Black Bamboo Pole Tree Stakes

2: Use bamboo poles for decorations.

Two Vases Decorative Bamboo Poles

Seaside Wedding Arbor made with bamboo poles

Black Bamboo Pole Architectural Design

3: Make a bamboo fence.

Backyard X-Scapes carries already pre-wired bamboo fencing that is easily put up with additional hardware. The pre-wired bamboo fence is great because it can be used indoors or outdoor. They can also be fitted on the front of thatched tiki bar.

Commercial Fence Installed At Theme Park Utilizing Natural Bamboo Rolled Fencing Panels

Mahogany Bamboo Fencing Custom Room Divider

Outdoor Kitchen With Black Bamboo Fencing

4. Use bamboo panels as ceiling coverings.

tortoise bamboo panel drop ceiling

They are many products that are made with bamboo, finding the right use for them is up to you!

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Boost Your Bamboo Fencing with Wood Stain!


How To Choose the Right Wood Stain

Have you considered adding wood stain to your bamboo fencing? Bamboo fencing comes in two unstained colors: natural and natural black. Enhance the natural color of bamboo by adding a wood stain to it. We recommend that you use Total Wood Protectant (TWP)-Light Cedar for natural colored bamboo fencing. For black bamboo fencing we recommend Total Wood Protectant (TWP)- Dark Oak. These stains also help extend the life of your bamboo fencing with its unique formula. It helps protect your fencing against the harsh outside elements. Shield your bamboo from moisture and harmful UV rays that lead to discoloration.

Light Cedar is a fantastic colors that brings out the warm tan and yellows of your natural bamboo fencing. This wood stain penetrates the wood to create a gorgeous glossy look. For your black bamboo fencing, Dark Oak is the perfect stain. This darker stain brings out the subtle rich hues associated with black bamboo fencing. Black bamboo fencing is unique blend of colors: greens, brown, blacks. These harmonious shades make the perfect complementary backdrop for any homes, businesses, or resorts.

How To Stain Your Bamboo Fencing

Make sure the weather will be dry the next several days. Keep your fencing in an upright (vertical) position and use a stain or paint brush. Dip the brush into the wood stain, wipe off the excess amount, and apply it on your bamboo fencing. Apply the stain in an up-and-down motion making sure to apply it on all sides of the fencing. Allow your fencing to dry for a couple days. Apply more coats if you wish.

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Bamboo Fencing DIY for Condos and Apartments

bamboo fencing diy for condos and apartments

Bamboo Fencing DIY for Small Spaces

Decorating small patios and areas for condos and apartments can be frustrating at times. Fortunately, Bamboo fencing DIY is the perfect solution for creating a beautiful yet space saving design. It can also be the easiest DIY you have ever come across. The only hard part is deciding the height, thickness,and color of your bamboo fencing!

The first step is to decide why you need bamboo fencing. Are the walls or balcony unsightly? Do you need more privacy? Or maybe you just want a new look to your outside area. Whatever your reasons are, these factors will help you choose the best type of bamboo fencing. If you would like more coverage and privacy, 3 or 4 foot fencing is perfect for smaller balconies. Some condo or apartment associations may allow up to 6 feet of fencing but if you live on the second floor, a 3 or 4 foot fencing is sufficient.

The thickness of bamboo poles is a personal style choice. Thinner styles are subtle and blends into the background better than thicker style poles. Thinner poles are more versatile in style while thicker poles look more tropical in style. Bamboo fencing makes a great backdrop for your design needs. Unsightly patio bars or aging drywall can be easily masked by propping up bamboo fencing. Dress up your patio space with some clean and modern planters or a small patio furniture set.

Bamboo fencing comes in various shades. Natural, Natural Black, and Mahogany are all very popular colors when it comes to making over your patio or balcony space. Natural Black and Mahogany are beautiful contemporary shades that will work with many designs. Natural is a warm and neutral color that would also be a great addition to your condo or apartment.

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5 Ways a Bamboo Fence Improves Your Yard

If you’re looking for a great way to improve the function and style of your yard, updating it with different types of bamboo fencing features may be an ideal solution to consider. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly type of wood due to the fact that it grows so quickly. Its rapid rate of growth means that using it for building purposes does not lead to deforestation. Plus, it is a beautiful type of wood that is known for its durability. Here are just a few of the ways that you can use bamboo fencing to improve your yard.

Bamboo Fence

Decorative Appeal

Bamboo has a unique look that carries almost a tropical ambiance to it, and it can be stained a wide range of hues to meet your needs. Its placement in key locations throughout your yard can help you to bring the relaxing and almost Zen-like feel of the tropics into your space. A bamboo fence is also known to be smooth and even to have a slight sheen to it, and this can be an improvement over other types of wood that may easily show signs of wear when exposed to the elements.

Garden Fencing

The beauty of a bamboo fence can be incorporated in different areas of your space, and one option is to place a shorter or taller fence around your garden. This can be used purely for decorative purposes, or it can be used to keep critters out of the space. The slats can be placed closely together or farther apart based on your needs.

Bamboo Divider Panels

You can also use bamboo fence panels as dividers in your space. For example, bamboo fencing panels can be placed along one edge of your patio to create a beautiful wall. This can provide you with privacy or a shield from sunlight. You can also use a divider to conceal unsightly areas of your yard, such as where your trash bins are stored.

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The Top 3 Benefits of Bamboo Fencing

A new fence can improve privacy and enhance the beauty of your home and property. When choosing materials for your new fence, bamboo is one modern option to consider. Bamboo is beneficial in many ways and is one of the few materials available on the market today that is sustainable, which makes it an eco-friendly option. Learning more about the environmental and other benefits of bamboo is the first step if you want a beautiful, green option for your home fencing.

Natural Bamboo Fence

Eco-Friendly Fencing

One of the most important benefits of choosing bamboo over other materials is that bamboo is eco-friendly thanks to its sustainability. Opting for green, sustainable materials may also benefit you if you want to sell your home. Many consumers today are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle. A home that is equipped with eco-friendly options is one that may fare better on the market. Whether you plan to sell your home in the future or return in the home, a bamboo fence can enhance the value of your home. The fact that bamboo is fast growing and sustainable is also a major benefit when comparing the pricing and durability of the materials.

Quality And Affordable Pricing

Since bamboo grows very quickly, there is an abundant supply of the material that can be transformed into bamboo fencing, among other products. The fact that bamboo grows quickly with few resources makes it more affordable than some fencing options. If you are on a budget, you can definitely benefit by opting for bamboo. In addition to being affordable, you have the advantage of a long lasting fence when you choose bamboo. Most experts agree that bamboo fencing will last for up to twenty years, even when exposed to extreme elements. The installation is fast and easy whether you opt to DIY or have a professional install the fencing for you.

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How to Build a Bamboo Fence

There are many reasons to build a fence. It provides privacy, keeps things out and other things in, adds security, but it also adds beauty. A fence adds the finishing touches to your yard and completes the landscape. There are many fencing options for material, style, durability. Today we are going to teach you how to build a bamboo fence for those looking for a more exotic look and feel.

Some Tidbits About Bamboo

There are many benefits to using bamboo to build your fence, such as strength and durability. Bamboo is naturally very strong and flexible. Homes built of bamboo have been known to remain standing after earthquakes as intense as 9.0 in magnitude. The strong, flexible, natural material has been used for centuries around the world as a main source of building material. Bamboo has even been used as the main building material for some skyscrapers in China.

Bamboo is also naturally beautiful and comes in different shades and colors. Check out our different styles.

How to Build the Fence

We are going to explain how to build a fence assuming you are building from scratch and not just covering up an old fence.

Step 1. You will need to purchase wood fence posts that are 4’’ x 4’’. It doesn’t matter what type of wood the posts are made from, but we will be making a 8 foot tall fence, so the post needs to allow for 30 to 36 inches to go underground and 8 feet above ground.

Step 2. Dig the pole holes. Measure 8 foot between each post hole and insert a marking (a stick of stake) where the hole will be dug. Dig your post holes 2.5 to 3 feet (30 to 36 inches) deep and 10 inches wide.

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Creative Ways to Use Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fencing bed headboard

When people look at bamboo fencing, the first thing that comes to mind is to use it in outdoor design. Bamboo fencing can be used in other ways that serve as beautiful and functional decor pieces both indoors and outdoors. One of the top choices for using bamboo fencing is to use it for designating outdoor perimeters. Use it for backyard or front yard fencing. The beautiful colors and shape of bamboo will enhance any space any type of garden. Both eye-catching yet muted enough to serve as a backdrop to most spaces, bamboo is an ideal decoration resource. Bamboo fencing can is subtle enough as background decor or could be that last piece that will bring that whole look together.

bamboo fencing room divide

A fantastic way to use bamboo fencing indoors is to use it as bed decor! Use it as an earthy and organic canopy over the bed for a unique and beautiful effect. Hang ethereal fabrics from the top for a cozy, private, and breezy feel. Another great way to integrate bamboo fencing with your bed is to use it as a modern headboard. You can choose from contemporary colors such as the mahogany, black bamboo or natural panels.

bamboo fencing room divider

Bamboo fencing is an ideal design resource to divide up rooms or add privacy between rooms. They serve as decor piece and a wall/room divider if you need it. Choose between natural and organic looking bamboo fencing or a darker and contemporary style such as the natural black bamboo fencing or mahogany stained bamboo fencing.

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