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How Long Have Thatched Roofs Been In Use?

Check out the history of thatched roofs and how they have gone in and out of use over the years.


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15 Ideas for an Amazing Backyard

backyard-Garden-Sml-(1)Your backyard should be your sanctuary from the world. To have an amazing backyard, it will probably take a little bit of work, but it will definitely be worth it. We’ve created this list of 15 ideas that can take your backyard from boring to amazing. Don’t worry about doing everything. Just work with the space you have and take things one project at a time.


1. Water Features

Small streams, waterfalls, or ponds can add a natural, soothing element to your yard. If you have the money and space, a pool can be a fun addition as well.


2. Levels

If your backyard is sloped or awkwardly shaped, levels can make the best of the space you have. They can also make your space more interesting.


3. Trees

Big trees can add shade to your backyard, and smaller trees can add visual interest. Either way, make sure you have the time for the upkeep. Raking leaves in the fall and pruning limbs in the spring can both take quite a bit of time that will need to be planned for.


4. Fire Pits

Cool evenings can become much more cozy when you have a fire pit to gather around.


5. Stones and Paths

If you want to add interest to your backyard space, you can add large stones, paths, or stepping stones. Real rocks can be a great feature, but artificial rocks can be a good idea if your yard has unsightly elements that you want to keep hidden. Paths and stepping stones can keep your lawn from excess wear.


6. Decks & Patios

If you use your backyard for entertaining, a deck or patio can help keep your landscaping from being trampled.

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Tips for Implementing Faux Rocks into Your Landscaping

Many landscapes can see a benefit in their visual appeal and overall ambiance by implementing artificial rocks in their design. While there are tons of reasons to choose artificial rocks over natural stones or boulders, it may be a little more difficult to adequately integrate artificial rocks into your yard if you aren’t familiar with principles of landscape design. Here are some tips to make your artificial rocks fit into your outdoor decor more seamlessly.

Tips and Tricks For Landscaping with Artificial Rocks

backyardxscapes-backyard-rock-wallSize and Spacing

Before purchasing an artificial rock to place in your yard, make sure you have done your homework. If you are planning to use this rock to hide something unsightly, measure around the object to ensure that you get a faux rock that can completely cover your item without touching the object itself. The rock should still be able to touch the ground on all sides. This will help to keep the object underneath the rock safe while not making the rock look weird. It will also allow you to access the object under the rock if it ever becomes necessary.


Regardless of what you are using your faux rocks for, you are going to want them to blend into their surroundings. The more natural you can get your artificial rocks to look, the more pleasant you will find your landscaping. A great way to do this is to add soil around your rock. You can even cover as much as one-third of the rock with soil to make it look like it should naturally be there with the rest of the vegetation. Another option is to plant small shrubs, trees, or forms of grass around the rock to make a more believable setting. However, if you choose to go this route, be sure you don’t overwhelm the space with too much ornamentation. When planting trees, try to keep them at least one foot away from the rock to avoid inundating your setting with too much embellishment.

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