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Lush Thatch for a Tropical X-Scape!

thatch umbrella cover pool side

Thatch is a wonderful way to create the tropical escape you have always dreamed of! It is used in creating structures such as umbrellas or palapas. This material evokes images of a lush tropical resort or beach-side casual luxury.

Styles of Thatch

There are different types of thatch such as the Mexican palm or the African reed. The Mexican style is the most popular thatch used by resorts, businesses, and homes. With its golden hues and plush look, it’s not surprising that this style is the favorite choice amongst builders and designers. The Mexican Palm exudes a rich yet laid-back atmosphere, perfect for pool-sides. For a truly unique look, the African reed thatch is a great style. With a cleaner look than the Mexican palm, the African reed comes in gorgeous blends of tans, greens, and browns. Aesthetically pleasing, African reed stands out with its crisp and thicker look.

thatch umbrella cover pool side

Essential Components

Thatch can come in different components of panels, runners. and a top cone. Each component is essential when creating an umbrella or a palapa structure. Thatch is also a great material for creating tiki bar or hut roof. Slowly start creating your structure by alternating between runners and panels to create a desired thickness. Create that luxurious and plush look with our Mexican or African thatch. Top off umbrella structures with a matching top cone for a finished look. As a bonus, panels and runners could be used separately as decoration! Line tables or walls with thatch for that extra punch in your tropical or beach themed parties.

thatch umbrella

Environmentally Friendly

Thatch is a sustainable resource. Reeds and palms are constantly growing without a need for replanting and disrupting eco-systems. Fortunately, once you are done using thatch, it is bio-degradable. Meaning you can recycle it! Installation is also an easy process that doesn’t require chemicals or any non-green factors.

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Why You Should Use Bamboo Rugs in Your Home

Bamboo Rugs


As more and more people learn about the benefits of living an Earth-friendly lifestyle, the market for alternative fabrics and building materials has exploded. People have started to look for ways to live their lives while trying to tread as lightly as possible. Due to the speed with which it grows and its low reliance on pesticides, bamboo has emerged as a popular alternative to many traditional materials. Bamboo is now used in everything from building materials to fabrics and dishes. Bamboo is now even used as a material in the creation of beautiful rugs. In fact, bamboo rugs are growing in popularity at a very fast rate with each year.

People who use bamboo rugs do so for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them enjoy the feeling they get when they do something good for the environment. After all, bamboo requires very little agricultural input to grow when compared to what it takes to grow cotton or develop wool. Since it is a natural fiber, bamboo is also much more environmentally-friendly than nylon-based rugs. All in all, a bamboo rug is going to be more environmentally-friendly than a rug made out of almost any other commercially available material.

Texture and Design

Other people enjoy the texture of a bamboo rug over that of a nylon or wool-based rug. Bamboo has a very unique and supple texture to it that isn’t entirely matched by other materials. In addition to their unique texture, bamboo rugs also express certain types of dyes exceptionally well. Cold-water reactive dyes are especially well-paired with bamboo fibers and this can create some truly brilliant designs. This is because there are many cold-water reactive dyes that are very intense in color. Thanks to the way bamboo fibers retain these dyes, the colors can be vibrant without being overbearing.

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5 Ways to Use Bamboo Slats to Transform Your Living Space

Many homeowners are looking for a great way to transform the look of their living space with ease, but they also want to create a space that is individualized to their unique sense of style. If you have been looking for an innovative and fresh way to update your space, you may consider how the use of bamboo slats can help you to achieve your goals. Bamboo slats are flat pieces of bamboo, and they can be ordered through Backyard X-Scapes in a wide range of colors. There are several ways that these panels can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Bamboo Slat Fence

Bamboo Slats in Place of Wainscoting

bamboo panels kitchenWainscoting is a popular decorative feature, but the truth is that it can make a home look more formal or traditional than what you may prefer for your space. With bamboo slats used as wainscoting, however, you can incorporate a natural-looking material into the space with beautiful results. This material can be ordered in any color desired, or you can stain it according to your preference. This makes it easy to achieve the desired look in your home.

Outdoor Paneling

Likewise, you can also use bamboo panels as an outdoor paneling material. The paneling is designed to be durable and suitable for use in an outdoor environment. The panels can be used as outdoor walls in a living area or outdoor kitchen, as shade covers and for other features. The distinctive look of outdoor panels is ideal for many exterior uses.

Indoor or Outdoor Bars

Whether you want to install an indoor wet bar or a full outdoor palapa-style bar, bamboo slats can be used to give your bar area a natural, tropical feel. The material is designed to withstand considerable use as well as exposure to the elements, so it is perfect for use when constructing a new bar or renovating an existing bar area in your home.

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