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A Historical Look at Bamboo

Bamboo’s Many Uses

Bamboo is a great source of natural material. It has been historically around the world for a very long time. It is an extremely versatile material. It can be soft enough to be consumed for food while it durable enough to be used in construction or building! In the eastern parts of the world such as China, Japan, and Korea, bamboo is consumed in meals still today. It is high in fiber and nutritious as well. Asia as well as the Pacific Islands still heavily use this versatile material to create sturdy buildings. In the modern world, it is used as scaffolding to build high-rise commercial buildings or condos.

Bamboo in Everyday Life

These examples are extreme opposite ends of the scale but how does this incredible resource apply to you in everyday life? Bamboo can be used in your homes as fencing, borders, blinds, rugs, chair-mats, and paneling. On a side note, since it is a raw material, it can be converted to an extremely soft fabric. This fabric can be used in clothing, blankets, or sheets. Fencing is great choice since it instantly updates the look of your home. Aesthetically pleasing, bamboo’s beautiful colors complement any garden design. It also comes in various colors such as natural (beige, tan), black (blend of black/green), and mahogany.

Focus on Bamboo Products

Every week, we will focus on a different bamboo products and its qualities. Learn how to design or use these products in your home or office. For instance, bamboo borders are great in shaping your garden while keeping clean boundaries. Bamboo chair mats are not only pleasing to look at, but it is highly functional as well. Spruce up tired old walls with bamboo paneling. Bamboo is highly useful in events such as weddings or parties. It is a beautiful material that can fit many design styles such as modern, shabby chic, tropical, etc. Keep on the lookout for our blog adventure into bamboo!

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5 Ways to Use Bamboo Borders in Your Yard

Gardeners who want to outline pathways or garden beds, protect flower plantings, or designate specific areas of their lawns for targeted purposes will find that bamboo is an excellent way to do so. There are a wide variety of attractive borders made from bamboo that can be installed outdoors quickly and easily, in a limited amount of time.

Bamboo Border in Garden

These borders can be used for the following landscaping purposes:

Designate Pathways — Bamboo borders are an excellent way to set garden pathways, walkways, or sidewalks apart from the rest of your landscaping. If you’re concerned about visitors walking on delicate plantings, consider installing a bamboo border to clearly outline walking areas. This will help limit foot traffic on new plantings, allowing you to relax and enjoy your visitors.

Outline Garden Beds — Gardeners who prefer neat, outlined landscapes may find that short bamboo borders are a beautiful way to separate garden beds. Whether you’re growing herbs, ornamental foliage, or edible plants, you can keep your plants neatly segmented with a bamboo border. Taller bamboo poles may be used to trellis beans, flowering vines, or tomatoes, so that you can enjoy a cohesive and attractive look throughout your garden.

Edge Rock Gardens — A rock garden adds a touch of beauty and class to any outdoor space. However, the small filler stones can escape your garden bed quite easily during a rain storm, becoming a nuisance when you attempt to mow the grass or care for your other garden beds. If you have a rock garden on your property, consider edging it with a bamboo border. Attractive bamboo borders add unique visual appeal to your rock garden, while keeping your smaller stones and rocks exactly where they belong. While erosion may still be a problem, the bamboo will help keep your rocks and stones where they belong, making necessary repairs more simple.

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5 Ways a Bamboo Fence Improves Your Yard

If you’re looking for a great way to improve the function and style of your yard, updating it with different types of bamboo fencing features may be an ideal solution to consider. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly type of wood due to the fact that it grows so quickly. Its rapid rate of growth means that using it for building purposes does not lead to deforestation. Plus, it is a beautiful type of wood that is known for its durability. Here are just a few of the ways that you can use bamboo fencing to improve your yard.

Bamboo Fence

Decorative Appeal

Bamboo has a unique look that carries almost a tropical ambiance to it, and it can be stained a wide range of hues to meet your needs. Its placement in key locations throughout your yard can help you to bring the relaxing and almost Zen-like feel of the tropics into your space. A bamboo fence is also known to be smooth and even to have a slight sheen to it, and this can be an improvement over other types of wood that may easily show signs of wear when exposed to the elements.

Garden Fencing

The beauty of a bamboo fence can be incorporated in different areas of your space, and one option is to place a shorter or taller fence around your garden. This can be used purely for decorative purposes, or it can be used to keep critters out of the space. The slats can be placed closely together or farther apart based on your needs.

Bamboo Divider Panels

You can also use bamboo fence panels as dividers in your space. For example, bamboo fencing panels can be placed along one edge of your patio to create a beautiful wall. This can provide you with privacy or a shield from sunlight. You can also use a divider to conceal unsightly areas of your yard, such as where your trash bins are stored.

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