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Dip into Summer with our Memorial Day Savings!

memorial day sale


Don’t forget that we are having a special Memorial Day sale on all our website items starting today, May 24th until Monday, May 27th! Decorate your space with beautiful bamboo products, thatch products, fountains, artificial rocks, and garden and yard products that will update your look!

If you have ANY questions please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff via online chat or call us at (866)222-1422.

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How to Thatch a Roof

If you want to install a structure with a thatched roof, you need to know how to thatch a roof. Thatching is a practice that has been used in many civilizations around the world that some sources indicate the practice dates back to the Bronze Age. This is a method that is used to install dried palm leaves, cane reed or other materials to a structure. It generally is used to create shade and to offer protection from the elements. While thatching is still used as a roof material for residential shelters like homes and huts around the world, it is also used as a decorative roofing material for palapa bars and tiki-style huts. Lets learn how to thatch a roof.

Know What You Want

One of the first things that you need to know when learning how to thatch a roof is what type of thatch you want to use. Go to our thatch page to see examples of different styles of thatch. There are different styles available, such as bushy Mexican thatch, reed-style African thatch and Tahitian thatch that is grayish and grassy. Each will create a different look, and some may be more easily trimmed and cut down to size than others.

Build the Frame and Attach the Thatch

Next, you will need to build the frame of your structure. You should understand that the roof should have a basic frame as well as cross sections. Some people will lay down plywood or another material across the entire roof before attaching a thatch material to it. Others will simply place cross beams with an appropriate space across each beam. The thatch can then be attached to the cross beams by nails or wire. Factors such as the need for weather-resistance should be considered when determining which type of frame to install.

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Using Natural, Black, and Half Round Bamboo Poles

Whether decorating your pool area or an outdoor living space you know that the small decorative touches are just as important as the larger features. You may already have tropically-themed outdoor furniture and other features installed. Now you are looking for the ideal way to tie the  entire look together. Decorative bamboo poles in shades of natural or black and in shapes of round or half round can be used creatively in any number of ways to add that finished look you’re looking for.

Natural, Black, and Half Round Bamboo

You can purchase both all-natural, black, half round, and faux bamboo poles in varying heights and colors for different decorating needs. The poles may be purchased individually or in a bundle. They can provide you with a great way to finish the look of your tropically themed backyard.

These decorative bamboo poles are ideal for use as fencing anchors for a bamboo fence, and they can also anchor bamboo paneling for your outdoor living area walls. Some homeowners will use them for more creative decorating purposes such as posts for a tropically-themed sign, to hold different tiki statues and more.

Decorative bamboo poles can be placed strategically individually or in  bundles. They can also be used in combination with other features. The look that you are trying to achieve will determine the style of bamboo poles you need. For example, Placing bamboo on the walls or ceiling may be best suited for half round poles. Black bamboo poles do well to ad contrast and an elegant, natural look. Also, if the poles will be placed near flammable features, you might consider faux bamboo with the safety benefits of artificial material rather than a natural material.

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Decorating with Thatch Roofing

Home owners, restaurants, and hotels often use thatch roofing to enhance the authenticity of a tropical atmosphere. Thatching is a time-honored practice that is used for roof-making in tropical settings. It involves tying or sewing palm leaves or reeds together in tight fashion to create a rather impermeable roof. Its distinctive look can add tropical flair to any outdoor living area or patio. It is the ideal material for many homeowners to decorate with. Here a few things to consider when looking for thatch roofing material.

Choose Your Style

First, you should consider the style of thatch roofing that will fit the look you want. There are a few types of thatch and all of them have a very distinctive look. Tahitian thatch looks far different than Mexican thatch and African thatch. Tahitian thatch has more of a grayish color while Mexican and African thatch are golden brown. African thatch is more firm and straight, while Mexican thatch has fluff. There is also the option of authentic thatch or synthetic. Get the thatch roofing that fits the look and feel you desire. Backyard X-Scapes has an extensive selection of styles and one of the largest importers of thatch products.

Installation is Quick and Easy

In addition, you should consider the installation and maintenance requirements for each option. Artificial or synthetic thatch roofing will have the least amount of maintenance required. It is resistant to weather-related damage and pest infestation. Natural thatch on the other hand is also weather resistant and will last for many many years looking great. Some materials are easier to trim down to size and are resistant to fraying. It’s easy to find the thatch that is ideal for your project at Backyard X-Scapes.

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Which Type of Bamboo Pole Should You Use?

bamboo poles indoor bathroom

Bamboo poles have been used throughout history for its beauty and function. Bamboo is a fast growing plant which made it ideal for building structures such as homes, bridges, scaffolding, etc. An extremely positive benefit of using bamboo is that it is an environmentally friendly material. They are flexible yet are extremely durable and long lasting. Some types of bamboo are known to have the tensile strength of steel!

bamboo poles vase indoor decor

The color of a bamboo pole depends on the type of bamboo. Moso and Tonkin are types of bamboo with the beautiful natural hue of yellows, tans, and beige patinas. Our black bamboo poles come from the beautiful black cane bamboo. It is a blend of black, dark tan, and dark green for a earthy look. Both colors are a neutral color that will be a beautiful backdrop for most designs.

bamboo poles decor

Bamboo poles also come in various widths and lengths. The width of the pole can change the feel of the room. Bamboo pole lengths can range from 5 feet to 10 feet. Some poles come split in the middle which is perfect for certain types of projects. It may be easier to add half bamboo poles to walls or flat surfaces.

For help with online ordering, please use the chat option on or give us a call at (866)222-1422 to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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