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Tiki Torches: The Essential Summer Accessory

tropical decor tiki torches

Tiki torches are the essential accessories to a perfect summer gathering! Light up warm evenings with the beautiful ambiance of torches. Tiki torches come in many different designs that will suit any home or business.

Why use torches? Torches are subtle way to light up your outdoor space. The gorgeous flame will create a gorgeous glow that will warmly illuminate the area. For the summer months especially, these tiki torches will not overheat your area. Torches help create an oasis that homeowners strive for. Tiki torches will tie the entire look of a summer backyard  quickly.

tiki torches nickel metal

With a closer look at the types of tiki torches offered, you may decide which one would be ideal for your space. Update your area with luxurious hammered metal tiki torches. These tiki torches are a wonderful upgrade from woven tiki torches and longer lasting. It looks great in all types garden settings- not just tropical! The torches come in rich metal colors of copper and nickel. Copper has a warm bronze-y looks while the nickel has a more silver look to it. You can also pick out what kind of texture you would like for the torches. The tiki torches either come in a smooth or hammered texture. Additionally some designs come in more color options such as the cranberry- a deep, rich,  and red metal patina. Another beautiful and subtle option is the brown patina.

tiki torch table top lamp

Add tiki torches in clusters of twos or threes for a brighter effect. You can also use single torches spaced evenly for an all around lighting. The torches are generally up to 64″ in height which is tall enough to illuminate most areas. There are also tabletop torch options. Add these table torches to illuminate outdoor dinner parties. Also add them on pedestals , near fountains, pools, or on top of any surface where there needs to be light outside.

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Creative Ways to Use Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fencing bed headboard

When people look at bamboo fencing, the first thing that comes to mind is to use it in outdoor design. Bamboo fencing can be used in other ways that serve as beautiful and functional decor pieces both indoors and outdoors. One of the top choices for using bamboo fencing is to use it for designating outdoor perimeters. Use it for backyard or front yard fencing. The beautiful colors and shape of bamboo will enhance any space any type of garden. Both eye-catching yet muted enough to serve as a backdrop to most spaces, bamboo is an ideal decoration resource. Bamboo fencing can is subtle enough as background decor or could be that last piece that will bring that whole look together.

bamboo fencing room divide

A fantastic way to use bamboo fencing indoors is to use it as bed decor! Use it as an earthy and organic canopy over the bed for a unique and beautiful effect. Hang ethereal fabrics from the top for a cozy, private, and breezy feel. Another great way to integrate bamboo fencing with your bed is to use it as a modern headboard. You can choose from contemporary colors such as the mahogany, black bamboo or natural panels.

bamboo fencing room divider

Bamboo fencing is an ideal design resource to divide up rooms or add privacy between rooms. They serve as decor piece and a wall/room divider if you need it. Choose between natural and organic looking bamboo fencing or a darker and contemporary style such as the natural black bamboo fencing or mahogany stained bamboo fencing.

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Getting Ready for the Summer with BBQ Islands and Grills!

bbq island with tv and palapa

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor entertainment! An outdoor BBQ island or stainless steel grill is the perfect step towards creating that summer environment! Ranging from all sizes, you can get a small table-top size grill to a large entertainer bar complete with a palapa (umbrella). Nothing says its the summer like the smell of BBQ sizzling on the grill with juicy hamburgers, steaks, skewers, and hot dogs!

bbq island with umbrella

BBQ islands are a great choice if you plan on entertaining outside a lot. With plenty of space on the grill and off the grill, it is easy to keep everything outside. Many of these islands come with storage space as well. Store your dry foods, grill accessories, and other things for easy access. BBQ islands can also come with refrigerator. Store food and keep drinks chilled as family and friends lounge around outside. Or pop open a nice can of cold soda or beer as you grill your food! Island BBQs tend to have plenty of counter space which is great for preparing food on the go or for use as a table. This is great space for the cook to interact with guests leading to great conversations and memories.

bbq island entertainment

Other BBQ islands offer the option of umbrellas and palapas to keep you and your family and friends cool under the sun as they cook or eat. You can either use a traditional canvas umbrella or add a thatch umbrella for a tropical or beach-like environment. You can also have a flat-screen tv or  stereo in the BBQ island to enhance that summer atmosphere. This would be perfect for parties outdoors. There are also numerous options for tile or stucco colors and styles for different types of BBQ islands.

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Gorgeous Everyday Statues for Your Backyard

 garden statues

Statues are the perfect accent to any home or business decor. It can instantly update the look of any room, entryway, or garden. Statues can range from small tabletop sizes to large stand-alone sizes. They come in many different design styles ranging from contemporary to classical styles. The texture, color, and type of stone can also change the whole look and feel of the statue and the design space it is in.

garden statue goddess

Statues for Every Area

If you have an empty spot that needs to be filled, use a statue! Small to medium statues work well in creating added interest and texture to any room or outdoor area. Larger statues work well as a focal point to any space. Smaller Buddha head statues work well on table tops, counters, or shelves. Classic busts are great for pedestals and for indoors as well. Add garden spheres to add unique look to your outdoor gardens. Place them individually or in clusters of three.  For a classical style garden, Roman gods/goddesses are a perfect accent or focal point. Feel free to add statues to entryways or by the front door outside. Have fierce lions or Foo dogs greet guests on your front pathway.

buddha statue head bust

Statue Design Styles

There are many different styles of statues to choose from. For zen and Eastern look, Buddha statues are the most popular kind. You can either place a Buddha head or a whole calm Buddha meditating. You can also add animal statues for a woodland feel to your gardens. Deer statues, frogs, dogs, and garden fairies are all wonderful additions to your garden. Classic styles such as Roman gods and goddesses add an elegant and luxurious touch. They come as busts, torso, or full body length. For a beautiful and modern look, the garden spheres are an excellent choice. Obelisks with its clean and simple lines work well in a contemporary chic garden. Elegant post balls can be added on top of pedestals and columns for a finishing look. With many styles to choose from, it is easy to add that special and extra decor for your home or business.

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