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Beautiful Spring & Summer Lighting and Matting

tiki torches and thatch tiki hut

With spring and summer coming up soon, start preparing your outdoor area for relaxation and entertaining! With the correct type of outdoor decor, your backyard can become a wonderful place to escape to! Matting contrasts nicely with spring and summer colors such as turquoise,  coral, red, yellow,  and white. It makes for a beautiful and subtle backdrop. Flickering candles and torches also create a warm and magical atmosphere.

tiki torch metal table top

Summer Lighting

Flickering candles and torches create a magical warm glow during summer nights. Tiki torches are perfect for your outdoor gathering or romantic dinner. This outdoor decor is a great addition to warmer nights. Not only is it functional but serves as a beautiful design piece. Torches can come in a variety of materials and shapes. The hammered metal torches make a wonderful choice when it comes to decorating your backyard. Made from nickel, copper, brown patina, or red metal, these torches will fit into any design scheme. Die cast aluminum torches are another wonderful choice. Subtle and elegant, these torches are made with classic lines. These torches can also be placed table top. These decorative torches come in a variety of colors and are great for creating ambiance for outdoor parties.

synthetic viro matting

Outdoor Decor Matting

Matting is a great choice when it comes to outdoor decor design. Matting is usually made from eco-friendly dried leaves such as the Lauhala leaves. They are expertly woven together into unique patterns and designs. For a longer lasting matting, we also offer synthetic viro matting as well. Use matting to enhance your outdoor parties. Place matting as table runners for a refreshing and organic look. Feel free to cut matting into unique and individual place-mats. Because of its neutral colors, matting complements any design color scheme. For a more permanent design solution, coat the matting with resin so that it lasts longer while giving it a glossy sheen.

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Tropical Decor for Everyday Living

tropical decor tiki torch

With the warmer weather coming up soon, start getting ready to build or update your outdoor oasis! With beautiful outdoor and tropical decor pieces it is easy to decorate your place with that special finishing touch! Perfect for everyday decor or entertaining, tropical decor will create the tropical, beach-y, or relaxed look you always wanted in your space. Use tiki statues, tiki signs, bamboo signs, tiki torches, tiki bars, or even matting!


Tropical Decor Signs

Nothing protects your garden better than a tiki statue! This fierce guardian god is a wonderful enhancement for your backyard. Add him to entryways or among lush plants. Tiki signs are another great way to decorate your tiki bar, walls or party tables. This tropical decor comes in various styles and sayings. Welcome family and friends with floral accents such as the Hibiscus sign and Plumeria sign. They come with sayings such as “Aloha”, “Welcome”, “Happy Hour”, and other friendly words. Our tiki signs also come with Palm Tree decorations. This beautiful sign is subtle and natural in color that comes with many different types of sayings. The surfboard sign is another whimsical and beach life-style sign that will work perfectly for indoor and outdoor decor.


Tropical Decor Lighting

Nothing creates better ambiance than soft lit fire. Add tiki torches outside to create a tropical atmosphere. You can use the traditional tiki torches made from woven materials for a beach/tropical party. There are also gorgeous hammered or smooth metal tiki torches that can be used as elegant everyday lighting.


Tiki Bars and Matting

Kick up your backyard and gatherings a notch by adding your own tropical tiki bar. Decorate it further by adding special matting behind the wall or on top of the tables. Hang tiki signs greetings guest to “Happy Hour” or a friendly “Aloha”.

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Creative Outdoor Bamboo Pole Uses

black bamboo poles modern patio

Bamboo poles are a great material to use for all your outdoor or indoor projects. Simply beautiful, they are versatile and perfect for many functions. Bamboo is also very eco-friendly and durable! Their durability also means that you’ll be using the bamboo poles for a long time and don’t need to replace it as often.

bamboo poles planters

Today we’ll be focusing on how bamboo poles can be used in outdoor projects. A great idea is to cut bamboo poles and use them as stylish planters. These planters can be bunched together for a neat effect. Pole diameters can range from 1 inch to 4-5 inches. Depending on the size use the planters to decorate your floor space or for outdoor tabletops. Plant beautiful succulents or flowers for a fresh and gorgeous look.

bamboo poles roof patio

Bamboo poles are also used extensively as patio roofing. Not only is it highly functional but serves as a striking yet subtle backdrop for many different types of designs. You can tightly pack the poles together for more shade. If you want partial sunlight, space the poles every several inches. Enjoy a lazy afternoon under your bamboo pole patio or use the space for entertaining.

 wedding bamboo ideas

A very popular way bamboo poles are used are in weddings! Bamboo poles make wonderful arches since it warm glow of tans, beiges, and yellow make it a perfect for tropical or beach-side weddings. We highly recommend using Guadua bamboo poles when constructing the wedding arch of your dreams. Guadua bamboo poles are known for its consistency and beauty. They are straight and the diameter is even all throughout its length. With the tensile strength of steel, feel free to add anything to your bamboo pole archway. Decorate your archway with ethereal fabrics, boughs of flowers, hanging crystals, and even lights/lanterns!

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Caring for Your Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fencing natural

Bamboo fencing is naturally strong and will also beautifully enhance your area! Although bamboo is durable, like any other material it needs to be treated well. If it is well taken care of, bamboo fencing will last you for an even longer time.

Protection for Bamboo Fencing

Coat the bamboo fence panels generously with a wood protectant such as Total Wood Protection (TWP). What is TWP? TWP is a wood finish that will add a beautiful glossy sheen to your bamboo fencing. Added benefits of using this wood finish is that it will also protect your fencing from harsh outside elements. These detrimental elements include harmful UV rays that could discolor and weaken your bamboo fencing. TWP also adds resistance to moisture and rain. TWP also strengthens the fence so it can withstand elements such as snow, mildew, and abrasion.



You can buy two types of TWP depending on the color of your bamboo fencing. For light and natural colored bamboo fencing, go with a cedar colored TWP to enhance the natural color and to protect the fencing. For darker colors such as the black bamboo fencing or mahogany fencing, go with dark oak colored TWP. Apply the wood protectant with a brush and make sure to in between each pole for the ultimate protection. Apply TWP at least once a year so your fencing is properly protected. This will greatly increase the lifespan of your fencing.

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