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Work Break or Mini Vacation

My favorite thing to do on my lunch break is to get outside and look at the world around me. It is easy to feel isolated at work because you have so much focus on your own feelings but when you get outside, you can see that there are other people living life just like you. You may get overwhelmed on some days but you will always have your break to look forward to.

Meeting up with a friend is also another good idea. Friends make time go by quickly because you have so much to talk about but save the work talk for another time. Your break is to relax and have a good time so use that to talk about your plans for the weekend or something exciting going on in your life.

If you just like to relax on your break then I recommend a walk on the beach or just simply sitting by one, it can cause sudden relaxation because of the unpredictable waves. If you don’t have the time or location to get to a beach then the next best thing is a nap in your car. It’s a great way to regain energy after a long day already of work and will help you see the end of work as not so far away.

If that sounds to relaxing to you then you can always take a trip and visit your local bookstore where you can drink a coffee and have a wide variety to read and you won’t even have to by the book.

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How-To Fix Backyard Blunders

There are many issues we face with our backyards, how to make them pretty, usable  bigger, etc. With all these issues, we tend to feel overwhelmed but don’t fret, Backyard X-Scapes is here to help.

Let’s face the most common issue, how to make a backyard feel bigger. If you are someone who got the lucky opportunity to have a rooftop or balcony as your backyard then feel proud. You get the opportunity to think outside the box. If you are dealing with a small space, you are not trapped. A lot of people forget that you can always build your creativity upwards and outwards. This means that you can purchase planter boxes and place them on a wall using the space you were given. Another great idea is to paint coffee cans or glass jars on a small table with herbs in them for cooking. This is a great way to have garden fresh food by utilizing your small space. Painting the containers would also give a nice homey touch to your “backyard”. To make sure you get the shade you need in this space, I recommend a rooftop umbrella with a heavy iron base to keep it from flying away in high winds.

It seems that space is always the issue even if you have a large yard because some people choose to build a pool and deck and get carried away with such large items and when they are complete they realize it makes their backyard smaller then it was. An easy way to fix this problem is planter boxes. Make sure you use the right kind for your area, plastic for year-round, clay for full sun plants, metal for dry plants and wood to let plants breathe. Placing a few of these around your pool or on your oversized deck with make your backyard into a garden paradise and remember that the closer plants are planted to each other, the more water they will need.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Everyone knows that the fourth of July is a day of celebration and fireworks but some fail to realize what we are celebrating. July fourth, also known as Independence Day, is a day where we celebrate our rights in America “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” We gained these rights because in 1776 at the 2nd Continental Congress declared the separation and independence of the 13 American colonies from the Empire of Britain.

There are many ways to celebrate this day of independence such as pool parties, BBQ, etc. but most choose to celebrate with fireworks. It’s only natural to think of fireworks when you think of the fourth of July because they are lighting up the skies every year but have you thought of where you will go for fireworks this year. The most convenient way is to find a school near you that is celebrating this day. Most schools will have an hour+ showing on their field.  Another way is to find out what is located near you by searching it online. My favorite place to watch the fireworks is to sit by the beach and see the fireworks from SeaWorld. Or avoid all the traffic and watch it on the TV.

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