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Baja Palm Thatch

The Traditional Feel of the Tropics With A Modern Synthetic

Our artificial palm thatch-work products meet all of your needs for an affordable and sustainable thatching solution with optimal realism and durability. Baja Palm™ is made of safe and renewable polypropylene and replicates the rustic texture and tropical colors of real palm leaves.

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  1. Baja Palm™ Artificial Thatch Top Cone 42'"D-Class A Fire Rated
  2. Baja Palm™ Artificial Thatch Top Cone 42'"D-Non Fire Rated
  3. Baja Palm™ Artificial Thatch Umbrella Panel 1"W X 31"L x 19"H with Clips- Class A Fire Rated
  4. Baja Palm™ Artificial Thatch Umbrella Panel 1"W X 31"L x 19"H with Clips- Non Fire Rated
  5. Baja Palm™ Artificial Thatch 3 Layer Sub-Panel 31"L X 24"H- Class A Fire Rated
  6. Baja Palm™ Artificial Thatch 3 Layer Sub-Panel 31"L X 24"H- Non Fire Rated

6 Item(s)

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Roofing Calculations

We can help you calculate how much Baja Palm your thatching project will require. Accurate roofing calculations are critical in order to determine the proper number of thatch panels needed based on the slope, pitch, design, hips, and ridge lengths of your roof. Call us to consult with one of our well trained staff experts by phone.

Great for Custom Thatched Structures

Baja Palm was designed with palapas and other custom thatched structures in mind. Our palm panels, runners, and thatch tiles have a flexible yet strong banding. This allows them to shift and adjust to almost any roof design and shape.

Use this synthetic palm both outdoors and for interior designs to roof tiki bars, cover cabanas and thatch umbrellas. Art Thatch is perfect for homes, businesses, and theme parks that have palapas, chickee huts, and other shade structures.

Baja Palm is weather resistant and durable enough to install in any climate; at the beach or in the mountains. This is the perfect palm thatching solution on any exiting or custom structure; from a home patio to umbrellas around a resort's pool, from a hotel's deck to inside a restaurant with a tropical style or theme.

Realistic and Affordable Synthetic Palm Roofing

Baja Palm™ is the most realistic thatching solution on the market today that is also both affordable and sustainable. This Art Thatch product replicates the natural structure and movement of the traditional palm leaves used for thatching.

Breakthroughs in modern manufacturing techniques allow us to provide this beautiful and real looking Mexican palm style thatch at a price very close to that of natural materials. This unique thatching solution is more cost effective in the long run than real palm, which gets replaced every three years or so. Baja Palm thatched roofs, meanwhile, will last over 20 years. A significant savings on replacement and maintenance.

Baja Palm simulates nature as closely as possible so you can protect it while maintaining this classic roofing tradition.

A Palm Thatching Solution Flexible Enough to Meet Your Needs

Our artificial Baja Palm™ roof thatching system replicates the look of the palms found everywhere from Central America and the South Pacific to Africa and Asia. We offer several several panel types in this attractive and realistic style that will fit your project needs.

Three Layer Sub-Panel

These artificial palm thatch sub-panels are designed for installation on any new or existing solid roof design. They have three layers of our high quality Baja Palm to instantly create a lush tropical look. Our 3-Layer Sub-Panels install quickly and easily with staples or screws and cover about 1.5 square feet based on a center installation of 7 inches.

Baja Palm Umbrella Panels

Create a palapa or cover an umbrella! These panels have ten layers of our high quality Baja Palm synthetic thatch. They have built-in clips that are designed to snap perfectly onto the canopy rings of our Umbrella Kits.

Artificial Palm Top Cones

The perfect thing to cap off a round palapa design or umbrella thatched with our beautiful and 100% recyclable synthetic palm thatch. These top cones have a refined yet rustic hand-tied look that beautifully finishes off your Baja Palm thatched project.

Safe and Sustainable Synthetic Mexican Thatch

Art Thatch's Baja Palm synthetic thatching is made entirely from modern and renewable Polypropylene (PP). This is one of the most chemically neutral, and therefore safe, plastics. That means no toxic runoff, making this safe to thatch roofs in homes, animal enclosures, or marine environments.

Our artificial palm thatch is sustainable and 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Compare to PVC plastic thatch, which has a toxic lifecycle and complicated disposal

Warrantied and High Performance

Your Baja Palm thatched roof will last a minimum of twenty years, and we're so confident in this product's durability and high performance that we offer it with a 20-year limited warranty. An added value on your synthetic thatch investment.

All Art Thatch™ products are impervious to moisture and the common damage that insects, birds, and snakes do to traditional natural materials. Baja Palm also comes with UV protection for additional resistance to sun fading.

Your artificial Mexican palm thatch will stay realistic and beautiful for an extended period beyond that possible with natural thatch products.

Fire Rating Available

We offer our Baja Palm™ artificial thatch product with a Class A fire rating. Contact us for details.

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