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Artificial Rocks

Artificial rocks create a unique enclosure for unsightly backyard eyesores and disguise them as real rocks. Our faux rock enclosures offer a unique solution to the difficult realities of landscaping. Add an artificial rock to your backyard for an affordable accent that will hide, cover or enclose just about anything.

A landscape rock is a clever and creative way to finish off the perfect backyard. Don't be discouraged by the term "fake rocks"; your guests will never know your artificial rock is not real. So complete your landscape with the perfectly sized, perfectly shaped, perfectly colored landscape rock. After a while, even you'll forget it's a fake.

Choose from a variety of different styles, sizes, and colors. Our artificial rocks for your garden are designed to imitate natural rock coloring and shapes. From small rocks designed to hide light fixtures and other less obtrusive elements to our largest rocks which can hide pool filters and air conditioners, our selection of fake rocks will help you hide whatever you need to mask.

These artificial rocks for your garden are engineered to the highest level of durability and realism. Our goal is to make them so effective that you'll never notice that they are hiding anything because they simply blend into the landscape so perfectly.

What's your perfect size, shape, and color? Browse our selection of realistic-looking faux stone and pick your winner!

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