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Art Thatch Umbrella Kits

Easy to Install Thatched Umbrella Kits Create an Instant Paradise

Our Art Thatch™ brand Umbrella Kits are the perfect all weather solution for creating thatched patio umbrellas. These commercial grade single pole palapa kits have metal frames and can work with any thatching system. However, their design is optimized to especially accept our Zulu Reed™ and Baja Palm™ artificial thatch work products. This is a sturdy and long lasting patio umbrella solution for any climate, whether sitting on a sunny beach or installed on the deck of a windy mountain lodge.

Pair your kit with one of our Concrete Umbrella Patio Tables with tile inlay for a functional finishing touch.

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  1. Baja Palm™ 7.5'D with 6"D X 10'L Lodgepole- Non Fire Rated
  2. Zulu Reed™ 7.5'D with 6"D X 10'L Lodgepole- Non Fire Rated
  3. Baja Palm™ 7.5'D with 6"D X 10'L Lodgepole- Class A Fire Rated
  4. Zulu Reed™ 7.5'D with 6"D X 10'L Lodgepole- Class A Fire Rated
  5. Baja Palm™ 9'D with 6"D X 10'L Lodgepole- Non Fire Rated

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Art Thatch™ Umbrella Kits are designed and specially packed to minimize shipping charges. Their weight and packaging has been optimized so that we can ship your kits using UPS and FedEx ground services. This minimizes the freight costs for our customers.

Heavy Duty and All Weather

The metal canopies in our kits are of the breakdown umbrella type. They have been constructed of heavy duty, hardened steel. The entire frame has been powder coated with an attractive dark brown finish that simulates traditional wood tones and prevents rusting. This provides your breakdown umbrella with extra weather resistance and durability. This special finish also helps your single pole palapa to blend into the natural look of any landscaping or fit easily into the look of any decking. It also really sets off the look of the thatch.

Each kit comes with all stainless steel hardware that stands up to weathering and resists rusting. This quality hardware, plus the powder coating and solid weight of the canopy and frame themselves, makes these Art Thatch™ Umbrella Kits durable as well as wind and weather resistant. They're the perfect single pole palapa solution for any climate.

Fits Existing Umbrella Poles

Our Art Thatch™ metal palapa canopies have a unique umbrella pole receiver built into them. It is designed to fit, without modification to pole or frame, onto any diameter or shape of pole up to 6 inches in diameter. This allows our umbrella kits to top any existing pole installation.

Available As Both Frame Only and Full Kit Options

Backyard X-Scapes offers our single pole palapa umbrella kits in multiple sizes and two type options. You can order a Frame Only version with just the metal canopy kit, which includes all hardware and instructions, if all you need is the frame. We also offer a Full Kit that includes everything needed to build a brand new thatched patio umbrella from scratch.

The full Art Thatch™ Umbrella Kits comes complete with your choice of Zulu Reed™ or Baja Palm™. It also includes the metal breakdown frame, all hardware, a pressure treated pine lodge pole (10 feet tall by 6 inches in diameter), and an instruction manual. The umbrella thatch that comes your full kit is easy to install; just snap the built-in clips onto the metal rings of the canopy.

Thatched Umbrella Kit Installation

Art Thatch brand thatched umbrella kits are perfect anywhere, whether installing them in a tropical backyard tiki paradise or inside an exotic Tahitian resort. Our Zulu Reed™ and Baja Palm™ kits answer the demand for affordable, attractive and realistic synthetic thatched umbrellas.

Backyard X-Scapes recommends installing umbrella support poles using the coring method because thatched umbrellas are most stable that way. Set the lodgepole of your single pole palapa umbrella in a core drilled hole optimally 1 foot to 1.5 feet underground. Or below the frost line in a climate with snow. The hole should be cored in the ground with a concrete footing.

For an umbrella installation on a concrete slab or existing wood deck coring is, naturally, not possible or advisable. In this instance, we suggest you can use one of our Structural Metal Stands to hold your thatched umbrella.

Canopy and Kit Sizes

We offer our metal umbrella kits in a variety of standard sizes; 7.5 foot, 9 foot, and 11 foot diameters. Note that these are the overall canopy diameters once they have been fully assembled and completed with the thatch installed. The functional shade diameters are roughly a foot smaller than the canopy size. The exact measurements for each are listed on the individual product descriptions for each kit.

Finished kit height varies based on length of umbrella pole used, size of any stands used, and depth of in-ground installation. Note that the full kit comes with a 10 foot tall solid pine lodge pole.

Use on the beach, at your resort, around a pool, on concrete or wooden decks and restaurant patios. Our umbrella kits are the no fuss solution to adding tropical and exotic thatched umbrellas to any landscape or interior design.

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