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5 Ways to Use Fake Boulders to Enhance Your Landscape

fake boulders

Opting for fake boulders to accent your landscape design is a practical, affordable alternative to having natural stone delivered to your home. A fake boulder is practically indistinguishable from the real thing, but is more economical, customizable and easier to place once it arrives at your home. Learning how to include fake boulders into your landscaping can help you create a natural looking design that transforms your property.

Accenting Water Features

If you have Koi pond or another water feature as part of your landscape, a fake boulder can help you integrate the feature into the overall design of your property. Setting a grouping of fake boulders beside a water feature helps draw attention to the feature and makes it look more like something that you would find in nature.

Natural Garden Spaces

Adding a set of fake boulders to a garden space can help you turn a bare area on your property into a mountainside meadow instantly. Working on a small rise on your property and using low-lying boulders that are longer are ideal for this purpose. You want the natural shapes of the boulders to be only slightly taller than the flowers that you have chosen for the garden to maintain a natural look. Opt for flowers that are about the same height for each layer of the garden, with taller flowers in the back, to highlight the natural rock look.

Creating Pathways

Large, flat artificial boulders can be used to create pathways that look like they come from nature. Try adding fake boulder pathways along gardens, through wooded areas or simply from the drive to the door to enhance the overall beauty of your property. You can use artificial rock anywhere you would place a natural stone walkway.

Create a Creek Bed

A faux creek bed can add character to your property, especially when placed in areas that you have cultivated with larger fake boulders and plants. Set larger rocks to the side of the creek bed, then use smaller, oval shaped artificial rocks to create a countryside look right in your own backyard.

Create Layers

If your home is on a hillside, you may want to use large fake rocks to create layers on the property. For instance, adding a layer of large rocks to the area below the home gives the appearance of a flat layer which can make the property appear smoother and more manicured. Layering rocks also allows you to even the property out without the need to haul additional dirt onto the property, which can be time consuming if you consider the need to plant and care for grasses and plants once the dirt is installed. Whether you want to enhance the look of your water features or create a natural looking pathway, using a fake boulder can help you complete your landscaping design quickly and affordably. You can opt for fake rocks anytime you want the appearance of a boulder, but want a simpler, more affordable option than hauling natural boulders to your home.